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Thanks to John Slaughter (Slaughterart) for helping out while I was gone and thank you all for patience

Before I get back to the news we still need an avatar!
Any suggestions for a contest or an avatar?
Does anyone want to donate points for a prize?

The News


Sunday, August 4th is 1984 Day. A broad coalition of resistance, including Restore the Fourth, will be gathering in cities across the US to oppose the global surveillance apparatus. In NYC, we're meeting at 3:00pm in Bryant Park to march on locations that have aided the surveillance state. Some of us will be clad in gear inspired by George Orwell's 1984.

From the NSA to the NYPD, the 99% are monitored by a system designed to target anyone perceived as a threat to the 1%. Because occupiers know first hand how surveillance functions to quash dissent, we are calling on Occupy Wall Street to join us in solidarity.

crucial info:

Restore the Fourth NYC Facebook Rally/March Event:…
Restore the Fourth Facebook Rally/March Event:…
1984 Day Website (for further information about other local events):

We’re trying to stop the UN from regulating the Internet, Ambassador Kramer says…


Stop CISPA!!!
Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA)…

G00g1e - How evil is it?
Google Caught Violating Browser Privacy Settings to Track Users:…

RIAA chief: ISPs to start policing copyright by July 1

more --->…

From Steamstrike
Please consider signing my petition to preserve freedom of information:…
On July 1, Internet Service Providers will take matters into their own hands and do on their own what SOPA and PIPA failed to do, unless we stop them immediately.

Sarkozy: Prosecute and Imprison Readers of Extremist Websites
French president Nicolas Sarkozy didn't wait long to exploit the terror rampage of Mohammed Merah. Soon after Merah's death in a stand-off with police, Sarkozy said French citizens who visit extremist websites should be treated the same way as those who look at child pornography.

more --->…

You Read It Here First: Google’s ‘Ambient Background’ Spy Tech

more --->…

Los Angeles Passes Resolution Against ‘Intolerable’ Radio Speech


CIA Head: We Will Spy On Americans Through Electrical Appliances

more --->…

The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say)

more --->…

Please stop by my Facebook page, say hello, like it if you like it!!/p…

Older News

A U.S. House committee has already approved HR 1981, a broad Internet snooping bill which was introduced last year.
We must stop this! -->…

1.) More SOPA Hell
Hawaii may keep track of all Web sites visited!!!
Hawaii's legislature is weighing an unprecedented proposal to curb the privacy of Aloha State residents: requiring Internet providers to keep track of every Web site their customers visit.

Its House of Representatives has scheduled a hearing this morning on a new bill (PDF) requiring the creation of virtual dossiers on state residents. The measure, H.B. 2288, says "Internet destination history information" and "subscriber's information" such as name and address must be saved for two years.…

2.) Worried about ACTA?
Try TrueCrypt. But be careful. In some countries it's illegal to use it :(

3.) Twitter Users Call for Blackout to Protest Censorship
““I WILL NOT TWEET on Saturday Jan 28th for the whole day. Who wants to join?”…





Over the years I've heard so many stupid comments about art.
Please post your censorship stories and images here.

Help me to help you... spread the word!
Join Get Watchers using my… !








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Folders and Guidelines -- Please read

The Folders

We make it easy to be a member!  

The Rules -> mind-ur-own-business.deviantar…

Big Concepts vs Tiny Minds

This folder is for art that is just too sophisticated or strange for some people.  It would be great if this was the biggest folder in the group--otherwise the group will be just another group full of cartoon titties like over in our sister group  Tits-In-Motion  

:iconjynxplz:          +         :icondweebzilla:        +        :iconshakepoodle:        +       :iconnapoleonplz:        -        :iconchristopherwalkenplz:       +      :iconmorecowbellplz:


:iconconfusedplz:       +        :iconcrazyfryplz:       +          :iconwtfisthisplz:         

--->Use this folder for the weird and complex, anti-religous ideations, expressions of angst, furry love and other genres that upset decent hell fearing folks all over the globe.  

Uncensored/Misc Folder

:iconmurder:      +      :iconcrapplz:     



--->Use this folder for blood,  macabre, endless vampire love,  and other genres that draw fire from the great unwashed masses.
--->This is also a misc folder   


This is our "theme" folder.  The more art that fits here, the better.  The success of the group depends on 2 things, members/watchers and artwork for this folder and the "Big Concepts vs Tiny Minds" folder.
:iconburningplz:                              :iconburningplz:
:iconobeyplz::iconkillthatwithfire:        +       :icon1984plz::iconkillthatwithfire:            +        :iconnocensorplz:         +       :icondeviantartplz:      



--->Use this folder for art that is created just for the group or for other anti-censorship movements.  

Keep in mind, we are not anti-DA we are anti-censorship.

*Rule 34*

Rule 34: Generally accepted internet rule that states that pornography or sexually related material exists for any conceivable subject.   

:iconsuperplz:      +      :iconspockplz:          :iconequalssymbolplz:        :iconluigifacepalmplz:

BTW all characters and objects portrayed by the images in this group are over 21 years old.   
They may appear to be younger because they are from other planets, dimensions or planes of existence or because you're a pervert and you see what you want to see!  

--->In any case, no :iconpedobearfapplz: allowed.      Again, when in doubt consult the DA guidelines.

Too Nude For Prudes

Sometimes all it takes is nudity to offend people is a penis or vagina.  It doesn't matter if it has artistic merit or not… they're offended!  Sometimes you get comments like this:

"You're so talented, why do you waste your time doing stuff like this?"

:iconmonroeplz:       +       :iconraveplz:        :iconequalssymbolplz:        :iconohfuckplz:

--->Basically a folder of vaginas and penis's having the audacity to be themselves!  Of course, they must follow DA's policy.

Fooky's Fabulous Fapping Folder

I'm not going to deny that some art makes one's naughty bits all tingly!  What you do when you look at art is your business.  Perhaps after you "clear your head" here,  you have time enjoy some of the other fine art here on DA… maybe, you'll even take some time and read some of my crap!  

:iconpeeweeplz:      +      :iconbreastsplz:         +         :iconifappedplz:         :iconequalssymbolplz:        :iconquagmireplz:         +         :iconbedsexplz:       

--->...this aught to be interesting!  Don't forget to leave comments!

Virtual Vixens Folder

Like most of you, coming soon!     :iconhornyplz:

Regardless of the folder, remember, if you don't like what you see you can always just GTFO!

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